Ten years of leadership. 100 million pounds produced and sold. This year marks the tenth anniversary of OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE. It is the first brand name purified ice made and distributed by a member of the International Packaged Ice Association/IPIA. Actually, as far as we know, our purified ice
was the first conveniently packaged purified ice product made
and distributed specifically for the retail market!

First for Virginia’s Finest. OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE was also the first packaged purified ice recognized as a processed food product under the Virginia’s Finest Program by the Virginia Department of Agriculture.

First in packaging. OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE leads the ice industry with the only ice package that is process printed by the Bemis Company here in the U.S. Additionally, we require that all of our contact packaging material is FDA-approved, that the material is energy efficient in production and that only lead-free inks are used in the printing process. We believe the quality of our package mirrors the superior quality of our purified ice product.

First PIQCS PLUS. Brunswick Ice, the company that produces OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE, became the first U.S. ice producer to attain the combined ice quality and food safety IPIA PIQCS PLUS designation. As a PIQCS PLUS ice producer, Brunswick Ice not only meets the IPIA Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards but also meets the requirements of the Hazard Analysis/Critical Control Point System.

To learn more about the history of Brunswick Ice and OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE, view the Company
Backgrounder and Osmotic Aquatic® Purified Ice Backgrounder downloads available on this page.

If you would like more information about OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE and its manufacturer, Brunswick Ice, visit our contact us page or call us toll-free 1.800.624.1381 and ask for Robbie Pecht, president, Brunswick Ice/OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE.

A note about our test results PDF download:
The testing organization that produced the report, NSF International, requires that the complete 6-page report be presented together without exception. Therefore, the download is a single combined PDF document. It includes U.S. Pharmacopeia Official Monograph XXIII information for purified water. The standards for water purified by reverse osmosis are clarified and defined in the U.S. Pharmacopeia document. The reference to bottled water (page 2 of 2 in pdf) is pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations/CFR (reference also included with report) that defines the various forms of water, including purified water. Because the CFR does not yet include water-based definitions specific to ice or purified ice, purified bottled water references are commonly used in the industry and by government regulators. No bottled water of any type is used to make our purified ice. All water used to make our purified ice is purified by reverse osmosis in our plant. The purified water moves directly through UV treatment stations and then to in-plant ice makers and packaging equipment, all under strict monitoring standards and controls. This is not the only routine testing that Brunswick Ice performs but is the standard out-of-plant testing we choose to have performed routinely by a respected, independent organization in their controlled laboratories. Information about official, mandated plant inspections and in-line analytical water quality monitoring is included in information on other pages in this site.







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