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Opening a Packaged Purified Ice Information Network Dialogue
We think a cooperative information network of reverse osmosis purified packaged ice manufacturers is worth exploring. We think also that shared dialogue — dialogue that ultimately brings together individual producers who recognize the real value RO purification represents — is a dialogue worth beginning. In producing a purified ice information network, there is potential that extends beyond what producers could provide individually. For example, in disaster-based emergencies that seriously challenge local water supplies and ice quality beyond standard filtration capabilities, a network of purified ice producers with emergency distribution plans in place could provide important benefits to response organizations and, in turn, to our nation’s communities. But, that’s only one plus that could be developed by a purified ice information network. Whether you are already producing ice made from reverse osmosis water or are just beginning the process of moving to that standard, we are seriously interested in hearing your thoughts. If you are with an organization that has insight valuable to the discussion, we also look forward to your comments. We invite you to begin the dialogue.
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