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With 10 years of successful production of OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE and over 100 million pounds of its icy purity put into millions of cups and coolers, the vision that began for this Virginia-based ice company in 1997 has become a positive reality.

1929-2007: Seventy-Eight Years of Product and Package Innovation

Brunswick Ice is pleased to have been the first International Packaged Ice Association member company to produce a purified ice product. We are proud of our commitment to package our purified ice in state-of-the-art material that meets FDA regulations and to buy that material from a packaging producer that meets the HACCP monitoring standards we require as an IPIA PIQCS PLUS ice producer. Our package is also the only process printed ice package produced in the U.S. by the Bemis Company. Additionally, all of our packaging is produced with lead-free printing inks. Everything we use to make and package our purified ice is produced in the United States.

Just months before the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Pecht family purchases Brunswick Ice & Coal Company, Inc. in Lawrenceville, Virginia. Produces 300 pound block ice and distributes it by Clydesdale horse-pulled wagon. To better serve the residential ice box market, ice block scoring machines facilitate the reduction of 300 pound blocks to 50- and
25-pound blocks.

Brunswick Ice expands its commitment to products that keep food cold by introducing and distributing early Servel™ gas-powered single-zone refrigerators to southern Virginia. Rural electrification program reaches southern Virginia farms in the late 1940s. Electrification allows homeowners and businesses to enjoy new freezer-less electric single-zone refrigerators. However, many Brunswick Ice customers continued to depend on ice boxes and Brunswick Ice continues to serve their block ice customers.

Mass marketing of dual-zone electric refrigerator with freezer capability in 1950s brings
about substantial declines in ice volume sales. Brunswick Ice is not alone; the entry of
ice-making capability at home affects ice industry nationwide. The decline in sales
continues through the 1950s and 1960s as home refrigerator freezer ice making becomes more sophisticated. However, new uses emerge for packaged ice as automotive transportation improves with better cars for traveling long distances and highway expansion and improvement. The advent of television introduces Americans to new vistas. Travel, camping, hunting and fishing interests expand. Americans respond to the lure of the open road and buy packaged ice for the trip. New mobility creates expanded market for
packaged ice as a transportable refrigerant for food in coolers and campers. Sports events open door to more volume uses of ice.

New demand, shifts in market uses for packaged ice inspire changes in production and packaging technology. Brunswick Ice meets the growing need for packaged ice nuggets, identifies new market segments. Introduces multiple size packages and names exciting new ice nuggets Sparkling Party Ice. Uses a package design that portrays the family’s early Pennsylvania heritage, signals their quality commitment — colorful Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs that represent harmony, good fortune, friendship, peace, strength and health.

Sales rebound over 75% with first “Turbo” ice making machine installation.

            1972 Brunswick Ice installs first nugget ice making and bagging machines.
            1973 Adds five-ton “Turbo” ice making machine.
            1977 Increases capacity with addition of ten-ton “Turbo” ice making machine;
                    retires block tank ice-making.
            1982 Increases production to meet demand; new 20-ton “Turbo” gives company
                    35-ton/day capacity.

One decade later 1980s capacity will triple and a new ice for a new
consumer will be born.

Brunswick Ice began development in 1995 of what was to become
a commodity packaged ice to a purified ice was made in response
to the rapidly growing concern Americans had about the diminishing
quality of drinking water. Consumers had not yet made the real
connection between the quality of their everyday drinking water
and their everyday ice. Brunswick Ice did. Brunswick Ice recognizes
the significance of ice as food and moves to make a dramatic
difference in the quality of packaged ice. Develops and introduces
ice made from water purified by reverse osmosis.

1995 Brunswick Ice begins feasibility study for the production
                 of purified ice.A relatively new science, water purification
                 by reverse osmosis reaches commercial viability.
                 Marketing group is hired to provide market data, purified
                 ice product trademark and package design.

                 PURIFIED ICE SYSTEM installation is completed.                  is comprised of System is comprised of a multi-step water                  treatment train that purifies water. In-line Morris freezing
                 system completed.
              • As specified in ©2006 USPC, Inc., Official 4/1/06-7/1/06
                USP Monographs:
                Purified Water source water meets U.S. EPA National
                Primary Drinking Water Regulations /NPDWR
              • Source water passes through four commercial grade                                  prior to the filtrations reverse osmosis purification:
              • a 25-micron filter
• a secondary multi-media filter
• an activated carbon filter (carbon adsorption)
• a 5-micron filtration
Prepared for purification process, multi-filtered water moves to:
• reverse osmosis purification at high pressure through 0.001-micron
  ROTFC membranes

And then to
• continuous ultraviolet disinfection at 253.7 nanometers of finished
• air filtration to treat air in enclosed finished water tank
Purified water moves to Morris Nugget™ Ice Maker with Clear Ice Cycle;
purified water is deaerated and frozen into crystal clear nuggets.

       1997 Completes first full run of OSMOTIC AQUATIC®THE PURIFIED ICE with
              new packaging and trademark. Distribution grows across south central Virginia.
               Brunswick Ice becomes first member company of the International Packaged
               Ice Association to develop a packaged purified ice product for retail market.
       1998 Capacity reaches 120 tons of purified ice per day.
               OSMOTIC AQUATIC® receives approval as a registered trademark for
                Brunswick Ice brand of purified ice.
       1999 Brunswick Ice completes second successful year of purified ice production;
                proves purified ice can be produced and packaged for high-volume markets at
                competitive prices and transported successfully to ice facilities out of local
                distribution area.

The new millennium consumer shows serious interest in bottled water; purified bottled water leads market. Brunswick Ice meets purified water popularity with SERIOUS ICE™ — a purified packaged ice. Samples of OSMOTIC AQUATIC®THE PURIFIED ICE pass independent purified water test requirements under U.S. Pharmacopeia guidelines.
       2003 Brunswick Ice not only meets the IPIA Packaged Ice Quality Control Standards                but also meets the requirements of the Hazard Analysis/Critical Control Point                System; becomes first U.S. ice producer to attain combined ice quality and food                safety PIQCS PLUS designation.
               Brunswick Ice has consistently retained its PIQCS PLUS annual certification.

               OSMOTIC AQUATIC® THE PURIFIED ICE is recognized
              by the Department Virginia of Agriculture as meeting the
               stringent for certification as standards a processed food
               product under the Virginia’s Finest Program.

2007 OSMOTIC AQUATIC achieves 10-year sales mark:
              100 million pounds of purified ice sold.

             10th year with the introduction of a convenient,
              freezer-friendly 10-pound package, new pillow-pack package
              configuration and new graphics.
• Working with Bemis Company, Inc./Indiana, the largest flexible
       packaging company in the Americas, and Admark, Ltd.,
       a Virginia-based design and marketing firm, Brunswick Ice
       launches its new 2007 package.
     • New, state-of-the-art packaging for all package sizes that uses
       advanced mLLDPE film, a packaging material also used in other
       food and quality-critical medical packaging applications
     • New material delivers a food package that
            • meets FDA food packaging specifications
            • is puncture and pinhole resistant
            • helps protect purified ice product integrity
            • enables vibrant consumer-oriented packaging graphics
            • accepts requisite 100% lead-free printing inks







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